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 Spatial Global (international freight and mail)

Spatial Global Limited was formed in 1980 as Spatial (Air Brokers and Forwarders) Limited, and today offers a combination of international freight forwarding, print and mail management, warehousing, pick and pack and distribution services, together with other added value activities. Spatial has an enviable record of customer retention based on proactive service and accredited ISO excellence. Today, under the experienced management of Executive Chairman, Mike Wallis, the company has 60 full-time personnel. It has been a member of The Keswick Enterprises Group since March 2006.

With multi-user sites adjacent to East Midlands Airport (Castle Donington) and the UK motorway network, Spatial also has access to a network of warehousing facilities across the country. Spatial receives, warehouses and distributes all the imported inventory for the niche retailer, Menkind, along with a number of textile importers.

Spatial Freight Forwarding undertakes worldwide freight movements – providing customers with online information and track-and-trace updates at every stage of the forwarding process.

The Spatial Mail department is an international consolidator of mail. Not only does it sort and send customers' post, but it can also store their pallets, and pick-and-pack books, etc. It provides 'back issue' catalogue management and fulfilment services for magazine publishers, and in addition works with retailers and internet businesses. It can also print on anything from membership cards to marketing materials.

Spatial Courier provides document, parcel and express courier services in the UK and across the globe.

Spatial Global won the prestigious BIFA Freight Service Award in 2010 and again in 2013. The Awards reward high standards and professionalism. It was named 'Employer of the Year' in the 2016 Derbyshire Business Awards.

More information: www.spatialglobal.com
 SGL Co-packing (contract packing)

SGL Co-packing Limited (formerly Strategy Group Limited) is a leading contract packing specialist based in Nelson, Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1986, the company joined The Keswick Enterprises Group in 2008.

With a reputation for high quality, innovative, flexible and cost-effective packing solutions, SGL Co-packing has built a portfolio of blue-chip FMCG customers. Its facilities, adjacent to the M65 motorway, provide a comprehensive range of flexible packing services – including multi-format bagging, flow-wrapping, cartoning and pot-filling.

SGL also has considerable experience in the design and development of new products and promotions. The business serves UK and European customers and has continuously improved and invested in its production facilities, with over £2 million spent on new equipment and systems since 2011.

More information: www.SGLco-packing.co.uk
 Tibbett Logistics (contract logistics and domestic road transport in Romania)

Tibbett Logistics SRL is the fastest growing logistics service provider in Romania. Its daughter company, Tibbett Retail Services SRL, provides multi-user ambient warehousing, plus temperature-controlled distribution for multiple retailers Metro and real,-. Tibbett's businesses date back to 2004 when its contract logistics and domestic distribution activities commenced in Romania.

The two Tibbett companies operate over 70,000 sq metres of ISO-certificated warehousing – bonded, chilled, frozen and ambient – at eight Romanian locations around Bucharest and in Constanta, Deva and Timosoara. They provide nationwide distribution and offer an end-to-end service encompassing customs/freight formalities, bonded warehousing, picking and delivery, plus added value and remedial processes. There are also port/rail intermodal container services out of Constanta into Tibbett Logistics' rail terminal in the west of Bucharest (see below).

Tibbett Logistics has a particularly strong, long-term contractual customer base – featuring proactive partnerships with automotive parts manufacturer Honeywell Garrett (for parts logistics and sub-assembly operations), retailer real,- (for ambient warehousing and transport), retailers Metro and real,- (for nationwide multi-temperature transport) and MGB (Hong Kong) on behalf of retailer Metro Group (for intermodal logistics). It also provides multi-user warehousing and transport services for Procter & Gamble, Pepsi and Metro.

The business is managed by David Goldsborough, formerly with Tibbett & Britten in Germany and Austria, and employs around 1400 people. It was responsible for delivering more than 1.8 million pallets for customers in 2011, involving 60,000 full- and part-load vehicle movements across Romania.

The Keswick Enterprises Group made its initial strategic investment in the business in Romania in 2004.

More information: www.tibbettlogistics.com
 Tibbett Logistics Intermodal (intermodal logistics in South East Europe)

Tibbett Logistics Intermodal is an award-winning innovator in intermodal (road-rail) logistics in South East Europe, and operates an open-access rail container terminal in Bucharest, Romania. The company provides access to a network for door-to-door multi-modal distribution across the region – with additional affiliate-owned rail terminals at Arad in the west of Romania, plus Sofia in Bulgaria.

Tibbett Logistics was the first private operator of an intermodal container terminal in Bucharest and originally managed a facility in the east of the city – principally for block trains of maritime containers from the Port of Constanta. This activity started in 2008.

In 2011 it opened a new intermodal terminal at Europolis Park in the west of Bucharest (left). This facility handles Tibbett's own block trains between the city and the Port of Constanta, as well as trains with swap-bodies, containers, semi-trailers and tank containers to and from Western European countries.

In addition to the terminal platform, Tibbett Logistics also operates a 6,500 sq metre warehouse within the terminal concourse, with a rail siding for unloading conventional rail wagons directly into the warehouse.

Underlining its strong commitment to intermodal logistics across South East Europe, Tibbett Logistics has invested in its own rail rolling stock – helping to ensure capacity for its customers.

More information: www.tibbettlogistics.com/intermodal.html
 Graphene Partners (pan-European logistics advisory practice)  
John Harvey, Managing Partner, Graphene Partners

John Harvey CBE
Managing Partner

Mike Wallis, Partner, Graphene Partners

Mike Wallis
    Adam Chazanow, Managing Partner, Graphene Partners

Adam Chazanow
Managing Partner
Graphene Partners is a 50:50 joint venture between The Keswick Enterprises Group and other European shareholders, including founder Adam Chazanow. The practice specialises in logistics and supply chain advisory services in the UK, Central & Eastern Europe and other territories. It was established in 2009 in Warsaw, and has partnered with Keswick since mid-2012. The joint venture was created in 2013 with the Keswick Management Services team – which it now incorporates.

Graphene Partners provides advice and insight into the process and management of logistics operations, both in-house and outsourced. In the latter case, services help customers negotiate more effective logistics contracts – minimising their risk and reducing costs over the contract term. It also offers advice on logistics, supply chain optimisation, outsourced project management, process redesign, mergers & acquisitions support, corporate governance and conflict resolution support – drawing on a very experienced multi-national team.

With experience spanning the successful negotiation and implementation of over 100 logistics contracts, Graphene Partners has developed a practical approach and user-friendly methodology that increases project velocity and improves return on investment.

The Graphene team comprises seasoned senior logistics industry operators based in Central & Eastern Europe and the UK. Customers include global Fortune 50 and smaller FMCG, aerospace, defence, automotive, technology and other manufacturers, plus multiple retailers, e-commerce operators, private equity companies and venture capital firms. These customers come from a variety of countries, including Poland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

More information: www.graphenepartners.com
 Keswick Vector SCM Polska (contract logistics in Poland)

Keswick Vector SCM Polska was launched in 2012 to provide third-party logistics services across Poland. The business is a joint venture between The Keswick Enterprises Group (52%) and international freight forwarder Vector Global Logistics Sp. z.o.o., based in Gdynia, Poland (48%).

With its headquarters in Gdansk, Poland, Keswick Vector SCM Polska specialises in developing warehousing and transport-related supply chain management activities. It combines Vector's local market knowledge with Keswick's international logistics experience and expertise – particularly in the clothing & textiles, automotive, food & grocery, other FMCG and retail sectors – and provides a focused alternative for domestic and multi-national retailers, wholesalers, importers and manufacturers looking for high quality supply chain management solutions in the Polish marketplace.
 Food Search Worldwide (international food sourcing)

FSW logo
Food Search Worldwide Limited (FSW) is an international food sourcing specialist, formed in 2008 by Barry Croft – owner of Elbar Worldwide Group – and a former colleague. The business is based on a large national distribution centre at Woodville in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. A 50% shareholding was acquired by The Keswick Enterprises Group in 2014.

FSW focuses on sourcing food, food packaging and allied products from around the world for UK multiple retailers, fast food chains and other leading food businesses. It offers a complete purchasing, storage, picking, ambient co-packing and delivery service. More recently it has also moved into supporting the educational and care home sectors, and has expanded its product and service offering to cover Europe, Turkey and Russia.

More information: www.elbarworldwide.com
 ACS Romania (domestic transport and international freight forwarding in Romania)

Based in Bucharest, ACS Romania is a freight forwarding joint venture formed in August 2015 by Allport Cargo Services and The Keswick Enterprises Group. Allport Cargo Services is a major independent freight forwarder with operations in 30 countries and 21,000 employees. ACS Romania was created to combine Keswick’s extensive Balkans knowledge and experience with the multi-national freight forwarding expertise of Allport. It is increasing choice, raising efficiency and improving value for money for customers with domestic transport and international freight forwarding requirements in and out of Romania.

More information: www.allportcargoservices.com